EAC Management 

EAC Management offers a range of services to property owners and investors to efficiently manage their real estate assets. These services typically include:

- Tenant Acquisition and Screening: The company advertises vacant properties, conducts tenant screenings, and helps secure reliable tenants.

- Rent Collection: They ensure the timely collection of rent payments, handling late fees and addressing payment issues.

- Property Maintenance and Repairs: Property managers oversee maintenance, repairs, and routine inspections to keep properties in good condition.

- Lease Management: They draft and manage lease agreements, renewals, and enforce lease terms and policies.

- Financial Management: Property management companies handle accounting tasks, including budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

- Eviction and Legal Services: If necessary, they can initiate and oversee the eviction process, complying with local laws and regulations.

- Property Inspections: Routine inspections help identify maintenance needs and ensure lease compliance.

- Communication with Tenants: Property managers serve as the primary point of contact for tenant inquiries, concerns, and emergency situations.

- Record Keeping: Property management companies maintain detailed records of all property-related transactions and documents.

- Legal Compliance: They ensure properties comply with local, state, and federal regulations, such as
safety and building codes.

- 24/7 Emergency Response: Many property management companies offer round-the-clock emergency services for urgent issues.

These services help property owners maximize their investments, minimize vacancies, and ensure properties are well-maintained while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.


Assets Under Management:
Across Connecticut 
& Massachusetts 

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